I'm doing exactly what I love to do - creating and coordinating items for your home decor!

I started my Etsy shop as a venue for my handmade silk floral arrangements. Later, I added vintage tins (most specifically a collection I had acquired over many years). Since that day, all the original tins from my collection have found new homes and I've continued the tradition of offering beautiful vintage tins and other vintage decor items in my store. I've also reawakened my love for sewing and handmade items for the home since they coordinate nicely with vintage items. Once I retired from the active workplace, I've had more time to concentrate on doing what I love - creating and coordinating home decor.

My store reflects my design style and I hope you like it as well. Personally, I am a "detail person", take pride in individuality and absolutely LOVE color. I use all three elements to provide interest and texture to an item.

It is my hope you will find something different in my shop that is not in all others. I purchase limited quantities of fabric to keep a sense of uniqueness and rely on my own designs to bring something different to your home.

I hope you enjoy what you see! I love every minute of seeking, collecting, making and offering these items for you!

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